Due to the numerous amount of SPAM that I'm forced to go through on a daily basis, I'm now charging those jerks that I need to know about the crap they sell.

So here's the new rule.  If your one of those jerks that send SPAM to me, I'll charge you $20 per incident. You'll receive a copy of the offending e-mail, along with a message like the one italicized below.   Also, you may NEVER SPAM our listserver.  If you do, I'll charge you $20 times the number of people subscribed to my listserver.

So don't SPAM.  SPAM is illegal.


I define SPAM as follows:

  1. Any e-mail solicitation that was not requested by myself.
  2. Any form of "public message" solicitation that says "Oh, we're not SPAM.."  Yeah, right
  3. Any form of "one time only" solicitation message.  It's still SPAM.

Here's what you MAY send to me:

  1. Any personal question, response or non-solicitation e-mails
  2. PayPal submissions to pay for SPAMs to my account
  3. Any programming related information (requests or submissions)
  4. Any questions or concerns if I might consider something as SPAM.


Example e-mail you may receive if you SPAM me:

I have received your e-mail as stated below. I do not accept SPAM, nor do I subscribe to any service which uses its' email list with other "affiliated" companies. You may view my policy at http://www.sourcevault.com/articles/charge4spam.htm

Your charge for SPAMMING this account is $20. Further SPAM e-mails received from your company will continue to acrue charges at a rate of $20 per incident.

You may pay your bill via PayPal. Simply goto www.paypal.com and send your $20 to paulhaines@sourcevault.com. If you do not have a PayPal account, please notify me at spampayment@sourcevault.com and you may mail a check/money order. You have 30 days to pay this bill.

SPAM costs me money to receive. SPAM costs me money to read. And since SPAM costs me money, I am charging you for this annoyance. I'd suggest you remove any account pointing to my domain from your lists to prevent future incidents.

Thank you.

Paul Haines